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Safeguarding patient data?And prioritizing better clinical outcomes? Yes, it can be done.

IGEL OS helps you spend less time focused on endpoint security and more time focused on supporting better patient care.

If you’re responsible for managing endpoint security in a healthcare setting, then you already know all about pressure. There’s no place else where the need for stringent security protocols has to fight so hard alongside the benefits of giving clinicians instant access to key apps and data wherever and whenever they need it.

Add in a mobile clinical workforce, a wide variety of endpoints of differing ages, ever more stringent patient data regulation, and the ever-present risk of a devastating ransomware attack – well, the pressure just piles up.

This is where IGEL OS gives you one less thing to worry about: Your endpoint security. While giving you more time and money to focus on everything else.

IGEL takes your endpoints out of the security equation with an innovative next-gen edge OS.

Less managing.

More winning.

IGEL OS can help you stay secure and compliant. No patient data is stored on IGEL OS-equipped endpoints. What’s more, it’s simple to keep all software and firmware patched and updated, securely and remotely. And that means you can ensure you meet your HIPAA obligations on every endpoint, wherever it is.

IGEL OS empowers clinicians to access data securely anywhere they need to. While you can easily manage, move and activate user desktops from a single pane of glass. Integrations with key technology partners like Imprivata enable super-secure one-touch clinician authentication.

IGEL OS means one less thing to worry about in terms of malware, mitigating such risks with its tiny attack surface. And its modular nature that helps tailor each individual’s OS in strict accordance with their application and data access needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. And nothing risky.

Don’t take our word for it.

Read how A2U, a national IT services provider, secured their endpoints with IGEL OS.

Healthcare Solution Brief

Achieving better patient outcomes with a simpler and more secure end-user computing approach.

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