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Enterprise Management Pack


Off network? Slow connections?
Turn your business on with the Enterprise Management Pack.

IGEL Workspace Edition

The world has changed

And so has the way we work. Work is no longer a place we go, but something we do and the future of work means that more of us can work from anywhere. While some will return to the office, others will continue to work from home. What is certain, is that this hybrid approach is here to stay, and for some, is changing how we utilize office space and collaborate with our colleagues. Whilst this new way of work offers employees more flexibility and can help productivity, it introduces new challenges for IT and the business around management, cost, security, compliance and safety.

Coupled with the cloud, fast, stable and secure internet connections have helped transform how employees access their digital workspace without the need for slow, unreliable VPN solutions. But while many applications communicate securely over the public internet, IT are commonly left to secure and manage the employee and the endpoint with a toolset that was not designed to utilize the internet. Patching, updates, remote control and asset management tools, historically were designed to work on prem, and while costly, slow performing VPN’s can be used, they effect user experience and are unreliable.

In this new world of work, the office is also changing. The office is set to become more a of a meeting place rather than just a desk for people to work from. While working from home provides people time to focus, the office of the future will allow people time to think, be creative and collaborate. Employees personal desks are being replaced with hot desking booths and meeting rooms are being transformed into collaboration spaces. This changes how IT deliver and manage endpoints and the network in the office. Shared devices, shared networks mean employees can drop in and drop out of the office, and yet work in the same way as they do at home or in the coffee shop. Treating the office network as ‘dirty’ and enabling shared workspaces allows employees to run their workspace anywhere, in any room, on any device and allow IT to have the same strategy for home and office work.

The Enterprise Management Pack has been created to ensure:

Full and transparent management of any remote device.

Users connect securely via HTTPs based protocols, without requiring a VPN connection.

End users connect and start using their devices almost immediately.

Secure shadowing for remote on-device management and troubleshooting for the whole organization.

A single endpoint device to be shared by multiple users, ideal for:

  • Call centers.
  • Travel ticket counters.
  • Reception/Admin stations.
  • University labs and lecture halls.
  • Workstations in factories and warehouses.
  • Points of service in finance, retail, and hospitals.

Remote workers use the Shared Workplace function to log in their devices via the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Tracking of all the peripheral devices connected to IGEL OS-powered endpoints via the UMS, even when these devices are transferred from any IGEL-managed endpoint to another with the organization.

Preventing the use of unauthorized peripheral devices, and reducing capital expenditures related to replacement of lost or broken peripheral devices.

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IGEL Enterprise
Management Pack

Extending the power and utility of IGEL-powered software-defined endpoints.

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