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A New Historic Moment Sets the Stage for Explosive IGEL Growth

A New Historic Moment Sets the Stage for Explosive IGEL Growth

Since joining IGEL just under five years ago, I’ve been working to build IGEL’s market presence as the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. It’s been an amazing trek as we’ve built out the IGEL brand as a software-first solution for end user computing (EUC), becoming a critical solution for tens of thousands of businesses in pursuit of security, manageability, choice of cloud, and high-fidelity performance. Customers want something that ‘just works’ and at IGEL we’re laser focused on providing the end-to-end solutions that enable organizations to both survive and thrive.

Despite the challenges the past year from COVID, with IGEL’s help, market-leading customers in healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, education, and beyond were able to stay open and remain competitive. Additionally, IGEL enabled scores of organizations to successfully divert their workforces to safely work from home.

Today, we mark another significant milestone in our historic journey with the announcement that TA Associates (TA) has signed a definitive agreement to make a growth investment in IGEL. Not only is this significant for IGEL, but it’s also noteworthy for the EUC market overall. Here’s why:

  • It underscores the impact the new remote work and work-from-home movement is having on IT. Today, users want to remain productive without boundaries or limitations. IT must enable this new work paradigm by enabling secure access to their desired applications and data with any device they choose, from anywhere they want to work. The TA investment in IGEL shows they see the tremendous impact of this EUC shift as well as the value IGEL brings to this new future of work.
  • It emphasizes the importance of endpoint security. Cybersecurity threats and data breach risks are more prevalent than ever. And, with workers operating more often than not at home or on-the-go, securing the endpoint is a vital mandate for IT. Using a Linux-based OS on the endpoint – and accessing Windows in the cloud or data center – is a major step in alleviating security risk. IGEL, with the power of TA behind us, will continue to enhance endpoint security for organizations that need to enable workers to remain productive from anywhere. IGEL OS has edge security built in. With a tiny attack surface, it minimizes endpoint security exposures while reducing troublesome security processes, like patch management and software updates.
  • It showcases the rising adoption of cloud workspaces. Heavy and expensive endpoints are no longer required for a high-performing endpoint experience. Now desktop PC workloads are frequently being moved into the cloud or a secure datacenter where they can be protected with inherent fault tolerance and automated backups. IGEL OS is the operating system of choice for these cloud workspaces – offering fast logins, rapid application loading, more consistent operation and embedded security. The TA growth investment in IGEL highlights the importance of this movement towards cloud workspace adoption as the new standard for end user computing.

From everything I’ve observed, it feels like we’re at an inflection point. Entire industries and business models will be transformed. 2021 will be a year where those that make the right investments can thrive. And now with this new support from TA Associates, IGEL has the opportunity to accelerate our growth, innovation, and achieve a critically needed subscription model aligned with customer requirements and our key partners.

Bill Veghte Joins the Team

The TA growth investment is further underlined by the significance of adding Bill Veghte as IGEL Executive Chairman. Bill, a leader and visionary who has decades of experience developing operating systems and brining industry-leading technologies to market for companies including Microsoft and HP, is also placing his bets on IGEL.

As the Executive Chairman of the expanded IGEL board, Bill will enhance the IGEL growth trajectory as we expand and deepen the strong relationships IGEL has built with our technology partners. It’s yet another validation that IGEL is on a rocket ship of growth and innovation that will truly transform the EUC industry for good.

Check out my announcement video on this significant announcement here:

Just the Beginning

This is just the start of some amazing announcements to come from IGEL. These past few years have been an eventful time in the EUC industry – and IGEL – all because we’ve been supported by an amazing team of believers and visionaries. But it’s only setting the stage for the big things ahead. We invite you to hop aboard as IGEL explodes forward, taking the future of EUC to dramatic new levels of innovation. #Believe

Jed Ayres

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