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Get a “Star” for Energy Efficiency while Maintaining Business Continuity

Get a “Star” for Energy Efficiency while Maintaining Business Continuity

Today is Energy Star Day. In celebration, IGEL is offering a valuable reminder of how important it is to implement programs for a more sustainable business – starting with our next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces – IGEL OS. Is your business focused on energy efficiency?

Earning “green” can have other great advantages, besides lowering your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. It can also improve business continuity in a time where our supply chain is in gridlock and the chip shortage is stalling the availability of nearly everything electronic. It can also save you some serious money, all while keeping all of those toxic electronic waste scraps out of the landfill.

Consider these ways IGEL OS is helping the planet, and your business, and see if you too can get a “star” for your energy efficiency:

  • Maintain Business Continuity

    • This is of particular importance this year as businesses reel from a supply chain crisis and chip shortage like never before. With two of the largest US ports seeing a 30% increase in the number of goods going through them, and 28% fewer workers to process the cargo, getting the electronic equipment you need to continue your business operations is very challenging. This can have an impact on business continuity, especially if you need new computing devices to keep your workforce productive. IGEL is helping to relieve the supply chain bottleneck by giving businesses a great solution to repurpose existing computing devices. IGEL OS can extend the life of existing endpoint devices by an average of two-to-three additional years, and sometimes much longer. That can mean less computer demand in the supply chain and greater business continuity for those that would have otherwise been awaiting new Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11-capable devices to keep employees productive.
  • Save Money

    • Of course, without the need to purchase new devices comes a great boost to IT budgets. Budget which can be redeployed for other important strategic projects – even programs which can further enhance business sustainability and efficiency. For larger organizations, the CAPEX savings from bypassing the classic “hardware refresh” can be in the millions of dollars.
  • Keep Scrap Out of Landfills

    • One of the biggest environmental challenges of our day is the excessive e-waste our societies produce. The World Health Organization characterized the volume of last year’s e-waste alone as weighing as much as 350 cruise ships. By repurposing and redeploying endpoint devices with IGEL OS we are helping to keep volumes of new devices out of the landfill and in continued use – also reducing the number of new devices that must be built accordingly.
  • Progress Carbon Neutrality Goals

    • Yes, and of course, using IGEL reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes your carbon footprint. In fact, recent research from Px3 has quantified that using IGEL OS is capable of driving greenhouse gases down by 60% when used in displacement strategies, an additional 40% or more when aligned with remote working strategies, and between 22% and 49% in projected energy consumption reductions. Impressive results for a simple choice.

Not only are IGEL products Energy Star certified, at IGEL we take sustainability very seriously – for our business and yours. It’s IGEL’s vision to transform the way the world works with better outcomes for people, organizations, and our planet. Join our energy efficiency movement for a better, greener world.

Watch the IGEL video on sustainability with insights into how to avoid the PC refresh cycle and help to eliminate e-waste here:




Catherine Gallagher

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