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Pretty as a Picture: IGEL Zero Clients Now Deliver VMware Enabled Media Rich Displays

IGEL wants our channel partners to be able to deliver the richest zero client experience to customers. That is why we are now integrating the VMware Blast Extreme Protocol into our IGEL Zero™ client IZ2 and IZ3 series hardware.   And one brag: IGEL is the first to achieve this integration. We think it’s a pretty picture because:

  • It leverages industry-standard H.264 video compression so whether a user is at their desktop working on a major multi-media presentation or looking at high production-value videos, they will match the graphic power of any advanced endpoint solution.
  • It delivers a quality image that does not suffer from compression or decompression. No one these days wants an image that looks like a weak third generation replica. Users will find the image – however sized – to be crisp and rich due to IGEL’s use of “lossless” compression technology.
  • It supports VDI optimization for profile-based, automated management of zero client settings – including Horizon 4.4, which integrates the VMware Blast Extreme Protocol.

Zero Clients. Big Benefits. Channel partners have the most fun when they can walk in the door with a demo that answers all the users’ needs. IGEL’s zero clients, in addition to supporting rich multi-media, have other attractive attributes:

  • Zero Touch: Pre-configured, so once deployed, there is no need for local management of the zero clients at remote offices and branch locations.
  • A la Carte Approach: Users can have IGEL zero clients configured for their preferred virtualization protocol. Each zero client can be configured for one protocol. These include Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDP/Remote FX or VMware Horizon.
  • Time for a Coffee Break: Since the IGEL IZ zero clients boot quickly and directly to a virtual session, no work is needed at that point from IT, saving staff time.

Pretty on the Sales Side Too. IGEL IZ zero clients have one more, very attractive, attribute. Our channel partners can tell users the zero clients are a one-time, non-recurring hardware investment. However, IGEL will provide, via the license, regular firmware updates to preserve the hardware investment while taking advantage of new features and functionality as they become available. While each zero client is configured for one chosen protocol, users always have the option of licensing upgrades to add or re-configure supported virtualization protocols. IGEL’s Universal Management Suite™ (UMS) makes this transition easy. Users can make changes to the entire network of zero clients, a group of endpoints, or a specific endpoint. The UMS also enables users to add and remove endpoint devices, and perform software upgrades as needed or required, to provide the latest available protocol features. For clients looking for a zero-touch, multi-media rich client experience, IGEL’s zero client IZ series gives them the full power of leading virtualization protocols, with controlled costs and less burden on IT. We think that paints a pretty picture of how IGEL is delivering zero clients that match what users need in performance and display. Check out the 12-minute IGEL OS demonstration for a complete look at our zero and endpoint endpoint solutions.

Simon Clephan

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