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Deliver a
secure learning experience everywhere.

Sharing data. Discussing ideas. Accessing files from wherever they need to. Students accessing data via your endpoints and their devices in labs and libraries – from home and everywhere in between. For all of this to work successfully securing your student’s endpoint access is essential if you want to create a safe, productive and vibrant educational environment.

One that works seamlessly for students, researchers, educators and administrators alike. Add in ‘2020’ with all of its ‘complications’ and the need to ramp-up remote teaching and collaboration capabilities. Plus keeping everything patched and up to date, endpoint security and management has quickly moved from unsustainable to downright erroneous and risk-laden.

So how do you stop your super-flexible, user-friendly, multi-purpose network of edge device from turning into an unwieldy, unmanageable and unsecure nightmare?

The answer is…
It Works. So you can.

It’s inherently secure, from day one.

IGEL OS is a Linux-based, read-only next-gen edge OS with a tiny attack that’s better suited to fending off malicious activity on your devices, and those owned by your students. Deployed over your network or on IGEL’s compact USB-based UD Pocket, IGEL OS creates a safe, secure environment on all of yours and your student-owned devices too. It’s an inherently secure next-gen edge OS featuring IGEL’s unique ‘chain of trust’. It approves every stage of the boot process from endpoint processor or UEFI process to your destination server/cloud.

Endpoint management’s,
a dream.

Forget individual patching, firmware updates and application upgrades. IGEL OS includes IGEL Universal Management Suite. It allows you to easily manage thousands of student endpoints from a single pane of glass. You’ll enjoy precise, centralized control over how they are all configured, assigning features and customizations to different devices and users.

Do more. Far quicker. For a great deal less budget.

How? On average you’ll gain another three to five year’s service from your x86-64 endpoints right out of the box when you deploy IGEL OS on them. Plus all the time and money saved by faster more efficient device management capabilities and not buying new hardware. All of which you can you to refocus away from endpoint security onto more rewarding activities for you and your faculty. What’s not to like!?

Don’t take our word for it.

Learn how Dhillon School of Business adopts IGEL to secure its endpoint future.


Ayrshire College has invested in virtual desktop infrastructure and IGEL technology to support the move to its brand new £53 million campus in Kilmarnock.

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